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First things first . . . basic FlashQuote system requirements

FlashQuote is a Windows-based program. Sorry, you can't download and run it on your phone, or on an IPAD or Android tablet. We have customers still running it on Windows-7 - and many have upgraded to Windows-11. It will run on desktop, laptop, or a tablet. The program itself will consume about 2GB of hard-drive space. We don't recommend installing on a computer with less then 100GB of free space.

FlashQuote works hand-in-hand with some other 3rd party programs that provide the vital capability of creating .pdf proposal files that can be emailed, linking FlashQuote to your email account so you can send proposals and brochure emails to your customers, and linking your different office and field computers to each via an internet cloud service so that your customer and project files can be instantly shared and kept up to date as products and prices change from time to time.

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Once FlashQuote is installed and configured, you can use it in the field with access to 100% of the program content, including the product photos, descriptions, dimensions, brochures and spec sheets to create and present proposals WITH NO INTERNET CONNECTION in the customer's home.

Setup and User Prices

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