Start the Clock...

You may only get one shot at this customer - so you better be ready to sell RIGHT NOW . . . even if they aren't ready to buy RIGHT NOW.

Every House is Different

Some need it right now . . . some are 'just shopping'. Either way - your job is the same - figure out what they want, figure out what is will take to deliver what they want - present your solutions and provide a proposal they can acccept. Sounds simple, but the truth is with all the different products and solutions you offer, and the need for accurate sizing, precise component selection, complete accouting for installation factors and variables, it is anythng but simple. Throw in rebates, financing, and 'good-better-best' and it gets even tougher.

FlashQuote makes it all simple and fast! But most importantly, FlashQuote empowers you to present your company and your solutions exactly the way your customer wants and needs to see them. Clear, concise, professional, and immediate!

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Propose more - Sell more!

A surprising number of potential customers are ready to pull the trigger as soon as they find the right company. When you show up ready to do your job, with the facts and figures your customer needs, and can have it all sitting in their email in-box, you separate yourself from your competition.

When you can offer a range of choices in the same amount of time it takes to offer only one choice, a surprising number of customers will buy higher efficiency and more options. Every FlashQuote Specialty Project Builder is designed to quickly and correctly combine the primary system components, the installation labor and material requirements, and the controls, accessories, rebates and financing, all in a way that is remarkably fast and simple - in a way that builds your value, your credibility, and trust - all essential to sales success.

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