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Team Sharing & Management

When we say "team", we don't just mean your sales people, your office staff and your installation crews. There are other players you depend on every day, on every sale. First are the manufacturers of the products you sell. Second and equally critical are the distributors who get those products to you. Third, and perhaps the "MVP" on your team, is the person responsible for collecting and organizing all of the information from the manufacturers and distributors, and then decides how it all should be priced, and then communicating that in a timely fashion to the rest of the team. That person is probably you since you are here reading this.

If that's you, then the Team Sharing Tools in FlashQuote will change your 'game'. Read on...

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FlashQuote gives you complete control over products and pricing. One mouse click on your computer 'pushes' your current practice and pricing to your FlashQuote users in the office and in the field. That means you can make changes to anything at any time that will take affect immediately.

The FlashQuote Sales Appointment Scheduling Tool allows your office staff to book appointments and instantly send them via the JungleDisk Cloud to the appointed rep. After the call, the results of the customer visit (sale or not) are sent back via the cloud to the office and to you. The FlashQuote Sales Leaderboard tool and Lead Tracking tool give you easy view of exactly what is happening on both sides of the sales process - incoming leads and sales results.

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One mouse click by your sales rep instantly pushes a completed sale to the cloud. The signed contract, detailed installation instructions for the crew, photos of the house and existing equipment about to be replaced, even purchase orders for each supplier that will be involved in the project.

And equally critical to ongoing sales success, we are your partner to keep all your products and prices up-to-date. When things change (and they are ALWAYS changing), just let us know what changed and we will update your master product and price files and send them directly to you and your team via your cloud.